There are plenty of young women who are happy to date older guys in Hollywood. This is something that is actually quite common. Many women get tired of the immature ways of men of their age group. They will be able to find a man who has his act together should she get with an older man.

Nicer Things

It is no secret that when compared to younger guys that older guys typically will have nicer things. They will have a nice house and a nice car and a good job. This is not always something that a woman can count on whenever she is looking to date a guy that is her age.


Women typically will mature must faster than men. This will usually mean that they will be able to find men that are more on their level when it comes to maturity whenever they date an older man. This is a great way for a woman to grow and really learn about herself, when she is with an equal.


Just because he is older does not mean he does not know how to have fun. So many women that have dated both older and younger guys say that older guys are usually a lot more fun than younger guys. They have worked hard and got to the top in their career so now they are ready to live like they are young again by partying and going out to nice restaurants simply because they can.