Whenever you are dating on the Hollywood scene you will find that there are going to be a plethora of options available to you. It can be a lot of fun whenever because you have so much that you can do on a date. There are a lot of beautiful people out there in Hollywood. This is why it can be so rewarding to date in this city.


If you are looking for a place to take your date to dinner, then there is no limit to where you can go in Hollywood. You will find that it is so easy to find 5 star restaurants and upscale places. On the other hand, if you and your date are looking to play it more low key, some of the best food in the city come from little hole in the wall places.

Clubs And Bars

Whether you are looking to take your date to a club/bar or plan to go looking for a date at these places, you will find it difficult to run out of options in Hollywood. The club and bars scene is something that is fit for celebrities and movie stars, considering you’re likely to run into a couple while you are there this makes it even more tempting to go.

Unique Dates

If you want to go on a date to remember, try the Cinespia Cemetery Screenings. This is a place where you and your date can lay out under the stars and watch great movies.

Swinger Sites

If you’re a bit of a free spirit you could always check out the local swinging scene, do a search for Swingers Clubs, in addition to couples there are a lot of men and women on the scene, don’t assume that sex is automatically on a plate, you have to treat these people as you would any other person, show themn respect and who knows what can happen.