Sugar daddies provide a high level of maintenance for women who are willing to fulfill their desires and be available to them. It’s not prostitution and is completely legal. Many men want to be able to take care of them women and treat them like queens, and many women are happy to be kept in this manner. If you are looking for sugar daddies, Hollywood is the perfect place to look.

What Is A Sugar Daddy?

A sugar daddy is a man, usually over 30, who enjoys treating women like royalty. They will pay bills for the woman, purchase items such as clothing and jewelry, and may even pay for cars and other luxuries. In return the women keep their appearance up, are available for dates, and fulfill his desires sexually.

Finding a Sugar Daddy

Hollywood is known as an affluent town full of busy men. This makes it a good place to find sugar daddies. You can find men who have placed ads in local papers or online. You can even find websites that are devoted to sugar daddies seeking sugar babies. If you decide to create a profile, keep in mind that even men who are looking for this kind of relationship don’t necessarily want a woman who is only interested in money. Put your best foot forward as you would with any other dating site, and let the money be an afterthought. Many of these situations can lead to long term relationships and even marriage. If you talk about money, the men looking at your profile will assume you aren’t looking for a commitment.