If you turn to the network for help, you can quickly find out that now the manufacturer produces four tableted steroids and seven injectables. The first group includes mastabol (methane), oxanobol, oxidrol and stanobol. It’s probably not worth talking about active ingredients, everything is clear from the name.
The group of injectable anabolic steroids consisted of:

  • boldabol;
  • decabol;
  • durabol;
  • testabold (testosterone cypionate);
  • mastabol;
  • testabol (male hormone propionate);
  • trenabol.

If the tablet drugs have more or less normal quality, then this cannot be said about injectable ones. Immediately when you look at the packaging, you feel that there is a catch ahead. And again, there are few complaints about the prescription anabolic steroids.

The bottles are not ceramic, there are no stamps on the labels. They themselves also do not command respect due to the lack of various protective elements. There is only a low-quality hologram and clearly pasted by hand. Many people know how easy it is to cope with such protection systems. Suffice it to recall CDs with audio and video recordings. All information on the site: https://theroids.ws/

The appearance of the purchased product is very similar to Ttokkyo Labs , which produces veterinary products and has a semi-clandestine status. By the way, this, if I may say so, is a company located in Mexico.

After opening the bottle of boldabol, the mood completely disappeared. Instead of the prescribed 10 milliliters, there were only nine. Maybe for some this is not a problem, but if the manufacturer values ​​his name and reputation, then this definitely should not be. It should also be said that boldenone undecylenate , which is the active component of boldabol, is produced for veterinary purposes only. After that, I had to again make sure of the low quality of the contents of the ampoule, since the concentration of steroids did not cause any criticism. Actually, this can be said about all the company’s products. For example, oxanabol contains only 10 milligrams of the active ingredient. And in stanobol – 50 milligrams. The only more or less normal drug in terms of concentration was Decabol with its 250 milligrams. 

On the other hand, the use of steroids intended for veterinary purposes is perfectly acceptable, and even the leading manufacturers can use them. However, the difference between Dragon Pharmaceuticals and other manufacturers is in quality and what they indicate on the packaging what the drug is for. Also, at first, it is very difficult to understand on the territory of which state the production facilities of the new – “old” company are located. This issue was soon resolved. Believe it or not, the plant is located in Cambodia. It is difficult to remember even one drug released by the pharmaceutical industry in this Asian country. To summarize when purchasing British Dragon Pharmaceuticals products, one disappointment will definitely await you.

What is the company the British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd 

It is time to talk about more pleasant – the British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. We have already said that now the production facilities and the office of the company are located in India and Hong Kong, the famous free economic zone of China. In the shortest possible time, a corresponding license was obtained for the production and sale of pharmaceutical products.More on the link: https://theroids.ws/british-dragon/

All drugs were issued before the split, remained in the range of the British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The packaging has slightly changed, on which the new logo flaunts. On the domestic market, you can easily find all the manufacturer’s products.

Veterinary drugs are also produced, on the packaging of which this is openly stated. Let’s say right away that the entire line of British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd products is manufactured in India. Everyone knows how strongly pharmacology is developed in this state. This speaks of the quality of steroids, to which there are no complaints. If we return to the product range, we should note the appearance of nandrolone (Laurobolon), a mixture of methandriol dipropionate and boldenone undecylenate (Meprobolon), exotic for domestic athletes, as well as Nandrilone-250. The latter is a unique blend of four nandrolone esters: decanoate, lorate, propionate and phenylpropionate. Perhaps this is where the review of British Dragon Pharmaceuticals steroids should be completed, or rather two already. The question of choice here no longer arises and everyone understands which products of the two companies should be bypassed.